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Welcome Folks
This is Ronix's Review, Poetry and Advisory Requesting Site. Please do take the time to look around and be familiar with the site since this has just been taken off from Under Construction tag. This site is back from the dead until further notice.

By the way, the AFFILIATION page is up! If you'd like to be affies, please do fill up the form.

Info Desk
SITE NAME: Mirror To My Soul
OPENED: 18th of April, 2011
OWNER: Ronix
TYPE: Advisory && Poetry Request
*Best viewed via Mozilla Firefox with 1024x768 resolution*


RULES: (Please be advised)

No swearing.
No spamming.
No fights.

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Full Credit:
Thank You

Life Is A Highway! I want to travel!
Hello again. I updated again for the second time for this month and looking forward to be active in posting new posts for visitors to read. Ha!

Anyways, I suddenly have the urge to travel. I don't know why but... It seems that I get too excited when I'm exploring other places. Hopefully, I'll be travelling around the world if God will slowly grant my wishes. Enough about that for now! Hello, have I forgotten? I still need to STUDY && REVIEW for tomorrow's quiz. Argh. I'm a bit tired but... not to worry :D


See you next week fellas! :))

- Ronix (:
DATE:Monday, July 4, 2011 TIME:{9:30 PM} COMMENTS:

Back From A Long Week Of Torture... Hurray.
Yeah, I'm ecstatic. Ha,

[ yawns ] Let's put that aside... For now. Anyways, THANK YOU CHAZZIE for the wonderful link buttons! Actually, I've picked it up a long time ago but had small time to do so... I really got busy and busy and rather forgotten to post it up and acknowledge chazzie unnie... I don't know how she feels that it looked like I just credited it to myself...

Sorry Chazzie... Really, everything is just a roller coaster to me. So fast and I just can't stop so... really sorry to my soon-to-be affiliates who've been submitting forms, I'll get back to you on that as soon as I'm done with this first post for the month of JULY! :D ♥

Make my day people. I may be so sarcastic of how school is killing me... but with you guys, I think I can pull through.

- Ronix
DATE:Saturday, July 2, 2011 TIME:{10:30 PM} COMMENTS:

Link Buttons
Good Morning! ♥

Hi! I have great news! The site of mine has been receiving a lot of affiliation request. Waaa, I'm happy for this little cupcake over here. lol Anyways, but I still need you people to REQUEST FOR POETRY && ADVISORY! As long as you follow the criteria, I'll accept your request, if not, you'd go directly towards the pending list. Hmmm, not the best place eh? Hmmm, well, it's better than the DAMNED. >:)

So, I'm posting up since I really need LINK BUTTONS. Yeah, I need them, like, at least four or five you know? I just want it to have various types so that my affiliates can pick whatever suits them. Right? I do think that they would like a lot to pick through so, for those who likes to make LINK BUTTONS and all, could you please give me one? :) Though I already requested at Dorkistic Design, but it wouldn't hurt if I can get more right? So please, spare me and if you have the time, I hope you can contribute even just one link button. :)

P.S. If you're willing, just put the name Ronixclassy. Alright? Only if you want to.
lol :D So demanding! HAHA

Ronix :)
DATE:Friday, June 3, 2011 TIME:{7:00 PM} COMMENTS:

We're Ready To Go!
We have started putting up the forms for the our requesters. What are you waiting for? Request now! :D

And yey, we finally have affiliates or partners! Dorkistic && llovex3_her ♥ :) But we still need more! lol

I'm almost done with the site--- What? Oh come on. A percentage? Okay fine, well um, our progress is at--- [ feeling the other's stare ] Okay, 90%! Happy now? [ sighs ]

Anyways, OUR AFFILIATION PAGE IS UP! :) DO FILL UP THE FORM IF YOU WANT TO BE AFFIES WITH US. (unless you've been sent a message that we'd be willing to be affies with you guys without hassle.)

I'm really happy today and ready to finish up the entire site. Hopefully, this baby will be alright to go AUTOPILOT again? [ gulps ] Okay fine, I'm not going to do that. lol

- Ronix ♥ :)
DATE:Monday, May 30, 2011 TIME:{9:00 PM} COMMENTS:

New Layout!
So I picked up the new layout from Dorkistic Design. Thank you very much Chazzie, you're the best although I'm still wondering where do I place the opening banner of the site -____- Anyways, I'll trouble myself with that later. Most importantly, I have to transfer the other functions here from the previous layout. It's a good thing that I didn't forget to save the previous one cause if I did, oh gosh. I'm screwed.

Anyways, I'll be fixing this and hopefully it will be done tomorrow :) So, stay tuned and be affiliates with us! Come on, fill up that damn form below *points below* it won't hurt!

HAHAHA. Poetry and Advisory request are open now so if you have questions regarding this matter, please do email us @ ronixclassy@yahoo.com


DATE:Thursday, May 12, 2011 TIME:{6:15 AM} COMMENTS: (0) REPLIES


It has been quite a while since I last posted up an update for my little cheesecake =) Ha. This is currently under renovation until further notice due to the sudden thought of the owner to reconstruct this into a permanent single requesting and portfolio account for me--- Ronix. Yeah, I know. I've been a lousy webmistress since I just abandoned this site without saying goodbye. Sorry again cause I didn't have the potential to make a banner saying 'Adios Amigo. See you!' ← Sorry about that.

Well guess what? I'm doing whatever the hell I can to bring this back, ALIVE for the second time around. I'm sorry to my affies and requesters but I will NOT BE ACCEPTING REQUESTS.

For those who've sent some form, I have ignored it for I will not be a reviewer for the time being because--- I'm transforming! Ha, you believe it? This is going to be a new ME.

Well, I've sent a request @ DORKISTIC DESIGN and following up my new layout to officially celebrate the "COMEBACK OF RONIX'S SITE." :D

Well, thanks again for stopping by!

P.S. If you want to be affies, simply tell me and I'll put you up in a jiffy! :)

- Ronix
DATE:Sunday, April 17, 2011 TIME:{9:46 PM} COMMENTS: (0) REPLIES